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Longer Days

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In eastern NC, spring is filled with yellow, pine pollen and it seems to be overtaken by summer heat very quickly.  So spring isn’t one of my favorite seasons.   But, since I have been ‘potting’, my appreciation of this time of year has grown.  I enjoy the longer days because I can spend more time in the studio before it begins to feel too late.  Since I am outside more often so I notice how the light changes during the day.  And, although, I do minimal gardening (limited to few potted flowers), I get a lot of pleasure watching them bloom.  Pottery has brought so much to my...

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Let the Shows Begin!

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I love making pots but a consequence of prolific work is what to do with it – which is why we began attending craft shows in 2008.  We have been busy in the ‘off-season’ making pots, trying new ideas, and applying for shows.  A Bit Off Center is pleased to announce that we will be attending the following shows in the upcoming...

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Shooting Freethrows

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Basketball players practice free throws a lot – and they still miss.  I think centering is a lot like free throws – at first you miss a lot , then you get into a cycle of improving and relapsing.  Finally, you center effectively most of the time.  I say most of the time because I don’t always get my clay centered – usually this is due to bad wedging or dry clay.  But it happens.  For the beginning and intermediate potters, this can be very frustrating.  The key to success is perseverance.  I assure them they will get it with...

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Confession:  I am not a risk taker.  In pottery, there are a lot of things I can’t control; therefore, I often make multiples to ensure that I get a successful pot.  For example, if I want to make a friend a mug, I often make 2-5 mugs and select the best for her.  I would never make 1 mug because something would go awry which would require an emergency gift purchase. So when I make teapots, I make extra lids.  I used to make 2-3 lids per pot.  But I became more efficient and began making 6 lids for 5 teapot bodies with the same diameter.  In the last year, I began limiting myself to 1 lid per teapot (much to Julie’s relief).  However, as a result of my risk-adverse approach, I have quite a stash of lids.  In fact, I have a stash of lids at my studio and another stash at Julie’s studio (buckets-o-shame). Initially, the cost of a well-fitting lid was a spare lid which seemed like a small price to pay.  But, the extra lids are not a complete waste.  Lids with protruding knobs make great apron hooks.  I also use the bisque lids as models for lid-type or knob ideas for the pots that are in progress.  And, of course, there is always a need for glaze...

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Rice and Bowls

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Fledgling sushi chefs spend months (sometimes years) doing nothing but making the rice for the head chef.  If the rice isn’t right, it really doesn’t matter what else you do, you’re not going to be able to serve great sushi.  Too often, we quickly jump ahead to the new thing, failing to get good enough at the important thing.  -Seth Godin                                               If your 2 lb bowl is wonky, then practice more 2 lb bowls.  All the struggles  that you have making a 2 lb bowl will be amplified when you are trying to throw a 5 lb bowl....

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