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Pottery for Sale (Part 3)

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Another selling venue is a craft show or festival.  Finding shows is easy – in fact you may know of an annual show in your area.  A brief on-line search can help you find other shows and get additional information such as dates/fees/requirements. There are two types of shows: juried and open.  Open shows charge a fee and you are accepted as long as there is available space.  Juried shows have an application fee and they charge a booth fee once you are accepted.  A panel reviews applications with current photographs of your work and booth; then they select artists who fit their show’s...

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Pottery for Sale (Part 2)

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Selling your pottery is a multi-layered decision.  You must be confident in your work (or desperate because you are drowning in bowls and mugs) to put your pottery out there. My first selling venue was a local art gallery.  This was a good opportunity for me because the curator was one of my former pottery instructors.  She was encouraging and guided me through the process.   I filled out the paperwork and left an assortment of pots for the board to jury for their sales gallery.  I was so excited (and relieved) when my pots were accepted into the gallery for sale. When considering a sales...

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Pottery for Sale

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Occasionally, I get asked about how to start selling pottery.  First, let me say that I don’t think selling is indicative of success.  For most people, pottery is a hobby, an opportunity to be creative, or a chance to make something handmade to enhance their lives.  And, for most people, hobbies don’t need to make money. Nonetheless, there is a different form of affirmation when some one purchases something you’ve made.  It shows that they recognize the time, craftsmanship, and creativity demonstrated in your work; and, they are willing to pay for it.  After all, if you give some one a pot,...

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We’re So Square, Man

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We just finished a marathon show run  - three shows in three weeks – 6 days of craft shows.  Part of making pottery is finding avenues for pot disbursement and craft shows are one of those avenues. As a by-product of selling, we have had to figure out how to take payments.  Cash and checks were easy solutions; but as we started to attend larger shows, credit cards became a necessity.  There are a lot of services out there – all with various fees and commitments.  Recently, we switched to Square.  This service offers a free credit card reader, no monthly fees, no contracts, and...

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Autumn Leaves 2011

Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Craft Show, Shows | 4 comments

Highlights from the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy, NC: Really beautiful weather Huge attendance Very friendly vendors Being asked if we were from Seagrove Being told that our pottery was prettier than what some one had seen in Asheville The gentleman who purchased our largest bowl (10lb) to serve his Aunt’s potato salad sent us the family recipe Hearing some fantastic live bluegrass music Seeing our booth lit at night – it looked great Listening to people talk about coffee mugs as they chose one from our mug...

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