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And so it goes…

Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Bowls, Firing | 2 comments

We had a bit of a tragedy this week.  Two 10lb bowls exploded in the bisque firing.  It was unfortunate because they were made with reclaimed clay – which meant all that wedging was wasted!  I’m not sure what caused the explosion – maybe an air pocket but it is more likely that the weight of one bowl damaged the other. If you want to be a potter, you have to be ready for some loss.  Pots break.  Sometimes they are ruined by unforeseen forces (glaze chemistry or kiln failure) or by result of experimentation.  And, sometimes they are damaged by carelessness or stupidity.  I have a very long list of ‘dumb’ accidents; I guess I can add nesting 10lb bowls for bisque firing to the list. During pottery classes, I try to assure the potters that failure is part of the process; nonetheless, it seems they are more distressed over loss than is warranted.  After all, if they made a pot one time, they can make it again (and probably better). My recommendation is to avoid getting emotionally involved with the pots until after they are  glazed and transported safely to their final destination.  Too much emotional investment will paralyze a potter and deter risk and...

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A Study of Creamer and Sugar Sets

Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in Creamer and Sugar Set, Lime Fiesta, Spring Snow | 0 comments

A major part of my morning coffee ritual is the creamer – in fact, it really puts the ritual over the top.  Creamers are petite promises of a bit of elegance.  And, although I don’t use sweetener in my coffee, I really enjoy making creamer and sugar sets.  So I thought I would share several pairs. Lime Fiesta C&S Set Spring Snow C&S Set Tall, Handleless C&S Set Jazzy Footed C&S Set Footed C&S Set Stacking C&S...

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Morning Rituals

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in About Me, Mugs, Peaceful Meadow | 3 comments

I really enjoy coffee, and, morning coffee is a favorite part of my day.  It isn’t even caffeinated!.  Nonetheless, I have an intricate ritual that celebrates morning coffee.  I start by grinding the beans (of course) and while my coffee pot sings promises of good things to come, I get ready.   I dispense hot water from my hot water pot (always ready with near boiling water) into my mug and creamer to warm them.  I pour the water out of the creamer, add some milk, and microwave it.  When the coffee is ready, I pour the hot water out of the mug and fill it with coffee and warmed milk from the creamer.  It is worth the effort to make an exceptional cup of coffee.  And, as a potter, part of the enjoyment comes from the choice of mugs and creamers.   I have several to keep me from running the dishwasher too often.  It is a contemplative and quiet start to my...

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Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Mugs, Selling Pottery | 1 comment

Mugs are one of my favorite pots.  I love using them; and, when I make them, I love contemplating all the intimate interactions that the user will have with them.  Mugs invite comfort and mindfulness. We sell a lot of mugs (in fact, they are our best selling pot).  But here is something very curious that I noticed.  While most people look through the mugs for specific colors until they find a mug to purchase, there are a few people who pick up a mug, hold it at chest level, close their eyes, and cradle it in their hands.  These are the devoted coffee drinkers.  They choose a mug by how it feels – in fact, most of them hardly notice the glazes.  It is an honor when one of these coffee drinkers chooses one of my mugs because coffee is a vital part of their day and the mug from which they drink it is part of that ritual.  It is very satisfying to know that I made something that will be used and...

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We’re Featured!

Posted by on Mar 17, 2011 in Inkstone, Lime Fiesta, Serving Bowl, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Today, we delivered some new pots to Inkstone Gallery in Winterville.  Although, we had a few pots at the gallery in Peaceful Meadow,we wanted a brighter color for the lengthening spring days.  And, we are featured on the Inkstone Facebook Page and in the inkstone newsletter Mar. ’11.  Thanks so much to Lisa and all her support for local...

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