Return from a Hiatus

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One of my resolutions this year was to post a blog a week; sadly, I have not succeeded in keeping that resolution.  But it’s September! Which is another sort of New Year. Of course, this perspective is the result of years in school.  And, although I am not in school, September still resonates with promises of change and improvement. While I truly enjoy blogging, it is quite a bit of work for me.  One of the bigger challenges to blogging (right after carving out time to be quiet and think) is taking pictures; and, I want to include photos with my posts because I can’t write what a good photo...

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External Motivators

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There are ways I can stimulate creativity – work, think, engage with inspiration, give myself a challenge, or solve a problem.  Although the first four actions are self induced; solving a problem is often due to something outside my control (like how to save a kiln-load of over-fired pots).  Either way, these are a few things I can do to be more creative; but what makes me continue to work even when I don’t feel like it? That my seem like an odd question since I love pottery and truly enjoy my studio time.  But I fight a fallen nature and I often battle the inclination to waste...

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Cultivating Creativity

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Creativity is a concept that I have had to re-define.  Initially, I thought you were born creative; and there is a lot of propoganda out there  to support this mispreception.  At this point in life, I realize that being creative is a form of problem solving that combines using limited resources, acquiring skills, and working around deficiencies.  Often, a creative solution is the result of preparation and tenacious work. As a potter, I understand that there are a lot of things I need to DO in order to be creative. Primarily, I need to work.  Working means my hands are in clay.  I get lots of...

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Inventory Maintenance

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“I would rather be prolific than perferct.” – Abel James Since the Bele Chere show, Julie and I have been throwing together when our schedules allign and independently at other times.    This is our show season so we have pots to make.  This is also the time of year we look at our stores and begin rotating pots and increasing inventory in anticipation of the holidays.  (Holidays!?  It is still the sweltery summer – it has taken a few years but we realize that the holidays come so quickly that they might as well be next week). How does this work?  I look over the sales...

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I tumble for you, I tumble for you!

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Philosophy, Tumbler | 2 comments

Confession – I love 80s music –  and what potter couldn’t love Boy George’s anthem to tumbler? I love making mugs (as I have stated many times).  But, sometimes I don’t get the handles on  before they dry and I am left with a tumbler.  Every time this happens, I promise to never let it happen again; but you know what they say about good intentions.  Some days life interferes and I just don’t make it back into the studio which is how mugs become tumblers. I have several of these ‘not-quite-mugs’ in my home and I use them daily.  At first, they...

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Stash Syndrome

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Philosophy | 4 comments

I’ve dabbled with knitting and crocheting for several years.  Yarns have such beautiful colors and textures; and I find knitting patterns to be intriguing geometric formulas.  This year, I have amped up my efforts to learn to knit and in the process I have been introduced to a rich and passionate community with its own eccentricities. One common quirk that knitters seem to share is having a ‘stash’.  A stash is a collection of yarn accumulated for undefined projects.  I can certainly understand the compulsion to purchase serendipitous yarn, but the minimalist in me shutters...

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