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Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources.  Julie and I purchased a glaze sampler set and among the colors was one that I called ‘toxic orange’.  What else could be done but make pumpkins?

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We Won!

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We are so excited because we won first place in the 2012 Coyote Glaze Competition.  We submitted several entries but it was our crackle teapot that was selected! Coyote Glazes hosts a yearly competition  for potters who use their glazes.  In addition to winning first place, we will also be featured in their advertising campaign! We are constantly testing glaze combinations and various applications on our pots.  So it is a great compliment to have been selected by Coyote Glazes. Check out the Coyote website to see our teapot and the other...

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Commercial Glazes – Pints

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For the most part, I use commercial glazes purchased in a dry state which I hydrate and sieve.  However, I also buy glazes in liquid form (usually in pints). There are a lot of great commercial glazes and almost all of them are available as liquid in pints.  Pints are cost efficient because they allow you to test a glaze prior to purchasing a larger amount.  They are also excellent for supplementing a color palette (like at a community studio).  I buy pints of glazes for colors that I don’t use frequently or for colors that are too expensive to use in large amounts.  Pints are also...

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Multi-purpose Pot

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Chips and Salsa Veggies and Dip Cookies and Milk

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Trade-Up Policy

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When I first started making pottery, I chucked most of my pots.  In fact, it was quite a while before I kept anything (I am not sentimental).  I held no delusions about the quality of pot I was capable of making.  It is the same for all potters.  In the beginning, your pots look like a 3rd grader made them. But after a lot of practice, my pots improved.  Mind you, they weren’t good, but they were better.  But I didn’t keep many and certainly didn’t consider giving them away for quite some time. After several months of throwing, I finally had a some pots that were keepable...

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Liberating Multiples

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I have the pleasure of teaching pottery classes at a local art center.  And, it is typical for the potters taking the class to want to make a pot for some one special.  I often wonder if the recipients of the pots know how much care and thought go into making these gifts. The potters focus diligently on making a pot worthy of giving to a friend – sometimes to the point of debilitation.   This is where multiples liberate me. I love to make pots for some one in particular.  But,  I don’t typically sit down to make a pot for a friend.  Rather, if I decide I want to give my friend a mug...

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