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A Day in the Life

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Since I have been making and selling pots, I have met a lot of passionate and interesting artists.  It is on the of the unforeseen benefits of being a potter.  Among those are Speight and Nassim Farmer of A-La-Mode Photography who recently came to take pictures of us in our natural habitat.  They have generously posted the photos on their blog – and I think they look amazing!

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Open House and Studio Sale

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Our first annual Open House and Studio Sale is complete and it was a success.  We really enjoyed visiting with everyone who stopped in.  The weather was so nice that we were able to keep the garage doors open.  And, because we were set up in the garage, we were able to work on glazing some pots as well.  Overall, it was a really great weekend.   Thanks to everyone for all your kind words and continued...

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Studio work

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Glaze tests Advent Jars Tea service Zombie...

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Autumn Leaves

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It’s here!  This weekend is the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy, NC, a huge 3-day arts and crafts festival that is in it’s 45th year.   And, I am excited that A Bit Off Center is participating this year. We have been attending craft shows since 2008.  And, although we have most of the preparations down pat, there is still a flurry of activity as we get ready.  This week we fired 2 glaze loads to add a few supplemental pots – both of us are a bit nervous about how many pots to bring because this is a long show located several hours from home.  We packed bins and Julie loaded the van (packing is her Super-power); and there are still pots on our shelves.  It is hard to keep track of everything we make when it is out-of-sight. I am looking forward to celebrating autumn, sharing our pots, and seeing other crafts during this festival...

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Mum’s the Word

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A Bit Off Center will be attending MumFest in downtown New Bern  on Saturday, October 8 from  9:30-6:30 and on Sunday, October 9 from 10:30-5.  We are excited to participate in a show close to home and look forward to having great weather and lots of fun. “It is a wondrous thing that long after it has ceased to be necessary, people still want to make pots on the potter’s wheel.  And, luckily for the people who want to make them, there are still people who want to use them.” Clary...

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Pottery Hangover

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I am recovering after a great week-long workshop at Arrowmont so I took yesterday to rest and piddle around the house (although I did unload and reload the kiln).   Workshops are fun but they are a lot of work.  Arrowmont is one of my favorite venues for workshops because I stay on campus (in a renovated old house) and meals are available in the dining hall.  Not to mention that the pottery studio is big and bright.   So it is a very pleasant place to be. The session was conducted by Kristen Kieffer and she focused on surface decoration.  This is where I want to make changes in my pots so the workshop was timely and applicable.  We practiced several surface treatments: stamping, slip sponging, slip trailing, and underglazing.  Kristen was generous and took time to explain what she does to her pots and why she makes those choices. She has made an instructional DVD of her surface treatments which is available for purchase.  I watched it last year and found it informative and well organized.  The workshop covered all the aspects she discussed in her DVD.  It would be a useful resource for potters at any level. There are several things that I learned from the workshop but perhaps the concept that is rolling around in my mind the most is that I need to actively seek ideas for my pots and consider ways to implement those ideas.  Kristen showed us her sketchbook and images that she was working to introduce in her pots.   This is the work that I have not been consistently doing and it is something I want to...

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