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Confession:  I am not a risk taker.  In pottery, there are a lot of things I can’t control; therefore, I often make multiples to ensure that I get a successful pot.  For example, if I want to make a friend a mug, I often make 2-5 mugs and select the best for her.  I would never make 1 mug because something would go awry which would require an emergency gift purchase. So when I make teapots, I make extra lids.  I used to make 2-3 lids per pot.  But I became more efficient and began making 6 lids for 5 teapot bodies with the same diameter.  In the last year, I began limiting myself to 1 lid per teapot (much to Julie’s relief).  However, as a result of my risk-adverse approach, I have quite a stash of lids.  In fact, I have a stash of lids at my studio and another stash at Julie’s studio (buckets-o-shame). Initially, the cost of a well-fitting lid was a spare lid which seemed like a small price to pay.  But, the extra lids are not a complete waste.  Lids with protruding knobs make great apron hooks.  I also use the bisque lids as models for lid-type or knob ideas for the pots that are in progress.  And, of course, there is always a need for glaze...

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Advent Continued

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Advent Pot Production I really enjoyed making the Advent calendar.  So I thought I would share the development process.  As I have disclosed, I don’t have a artistic background.  So it was surprising for me to find out that ‘artists’ work and rework ideas – they don’t ‘just’ make something.  At first, I wanted to make various types of lidded jars – but I had to stick with drop-in and bowl lids because they allowed the most volume (I wanted to fit 2 chocolates in each pot).  I made all the pots in one sitting and then threw all the lids.  I tried to make the pot galleries to the same diameter so I could make all the lids the same size.  This is the liberty of multiples – I found a lid to match every pot.        It took a while for me to figure out how to number the pots.  Discarded ideas included: numbering each cubby rather than the pot (but the pots filled the cubbies so the numbers couldn’t be seen), incising the pots and filling with underglaze (but that would limit glaze choices), and stamping numbers into the pot body (but that could distort the pot which might prevent the lid from fitting well).  I decided to add stamped numbers to each pot – this allowed for the least amount of opportunity for distortion.        I originally wanted to glaze the pots in white/green and white/red – which I did for one set.  But it was suggested that multiple glazes would be fun – which is how I glazed the boxes for my friend and nephews.  I must say, the multiple pots are fun – they invite you to pick them up and keep you engaged with the shadowbox.  However, the white/red/green pots feel very festive and Christmasy.          Jeff worked hard on the shadow box – the beveled corners really set it off.  The final challenge was choosing a color for the shadow box.  Green worked really well for the white/red/green pots; but the color choice for the multiples is still a bit unresolved.  The gold is a bit harsh but will do for now.  I am looking forward to making another box for my...

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I was given my first Advent calendar while I was an exchange student in Germany.  I loved opening the numbered cardboard door to get a chocolate every day until Christmas.  I wish advent calendars had been a part of my Christmas celebration as a child.  So I wanted to share them with my nephews; and, some years, I have managed to find cardboard calendars for them.  But, I wanted to make them something that would become a permanent part of their Christmas memories. Jeff and I worked to make the Advent calendar and shadowbox.  It was especially nice to work with Jeff – I told him I wanted a wooden box that would hold the numbered jars and rotate on a lazy-susan.  He designed a wonderful shadowbox.  And, from the reports that I am getting, I think my nephews are enjoying the treats that are stuffed in the...

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