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Confession:  I am not a risk taker.  In pottery, there are a lot of things I can’t control; therefore, I often make multiples to ensure that I get a successful pot.  For example, if I want to make a friend a mug, I often make 2-5 mugs and select the best for her.  I would never make 1 mug because something would go awry which would require an emergency gift purchase. So when I make teapots, I make extra lids.  I used to make 2-3 lids per pot.  But I became more efficient and began making 6 lids for 5 teapot bodies with the same diameter.  In the last year, I began limiting myself to 1...

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Advent Continued

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Advent Pot Production I really enjoyed making the Advent calendar.  So I thought I would share the development process.  As I have disclosed, I don’t have a artistic background.  So it was surprising for me to find out that ‘artists’ work and rework ideas – they don’t ‘just’ make something.  At first, I wanted to make various types of lidded jars – but I had to stick with drop-in and bowl lids because they allowed the most volume (I wanted to fit 2 chocolates in each pot).  I made all the pots in one sitting and then threw all the lids.  I...

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I was given my first Advent calendar while I was an exchange student in Germany.  I loved opening the numbered cardboard door to get a chocolate every day until Christmas.  I wish advent calendars had been a part of my Christmas celebration as a child.  So I wanted to share them with my nephews; and, some years, I have managed to find cardboard calendars for them.  But, I wanted to make them something that would become a permanent part of their Christmas memories. Jeff and I worked to make the Advent calendar and shadowbox.  It was especially nice to work with Jeff – I told him I wanted a...

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