A Brief History of Time

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Although I was on a hiatus from blogging, I wasn’t on a break from A Bit Off Center.  So what have I been doing while I wasn’t blogging?  Here are the highlights… Monthly inventory: In January, I generated a list of pots to make each month which (among other things) includes 35 mugs.  I have managed to meet the monthly goals – so I have been at the wheel a lot. Shows: We participated in several shows: Peakfest (Apex, NC), Artsplosure (Raleigh, NC), Lazy Daze (Cary, NC), and Matthews Alive! (Matthews, NC). Dinnerware: We developed dinnerware sets for several of our glaze patterns – just because I wanted to (although Julie will tell you it was because I needed plates). Commissions: We completed several private orders one of which included an 8 piece dinnerware set. Stores:  We continue to have a sell pots at Inkstone Gallery (Winterville, NC), Womancarft (Chapel Hill, NC), and Seagrass (Beaufort, NC).  And, we are now at Aria Gifts in Apex, NC. Classes: I continued to teach at the Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge.  The classes have been fun and included: Living Large in the New Year, Teapots, In the Garden, Christmas in July, I Scream You Scream We all Scream for Ice Cream. Travel: We visited our family in Colorado in June.  I attended a hand-builidng workshop at Claymakers in July. New sous-potter: Perhaps the best thing that happened on my hiatus was the adoption of a new sous-potter!  Koko is a vivacious, smart, friendly, and confident dog who joined our family in April.  She is happy to spend time with me in the...

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March 6

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It is cold today.  March is a potluck of weather conditions.  But I don’t mind working in the studio when it is cold if I run the heater, have warm throwing water, and the clay isn’t cold.  Cold clay gives me an ice-cream headache.  I tried to speed up the warming process by putting the clay by the fire – which did help.  So Braum and I spent a wintry, March evening in the studio making bowls and tumblers (although I think he would have preferred remaining by the fire.)

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“Throwing pots is fun; throwing pots with friends is great fun.” – Me I love making pots and having a friend to share the fun with is even better.  Julie and I are partners and friends.  And, so are Tori and Braum.  Several afternoons a week, Braum and I head over to Firetower Studio West to work. Julie and I throw pots while Tori and Braum lounge in the sun puddles, wrestle, or hunt cats under the cars – which is just one of the many job descriptions of a sous-potter.     **Special thanks to A-La-Mode Photography for the...

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Summer Luxuries for a Potter

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Summer in eastern NC is relentlessly hot and humid.  Although I love going out to the studio in the morning in my p.j.’s and working until after 8 in daylight, it is hot and I long for the cool autumn days.  Here are few things that help make the dog days of summer more bearable for me: A fan – even in the hottest days, moving air is refreshing.  I have a ceiling fan in my studio which often cools the studio enough for me to avoid using the A/C. An A/C unit – there are afternoons when nothing but air conditioning makes the studio bearable.  I am so thankful for the window unit in my small studio. Cool water – I let the water run a bit before filling my buckets.  Then I have cool water for throwing which is very nice when it is over 90°. Open-toed shoes – I don’t mind getting clay on my toes. Shades – I draw the curtains in the studio in the late afternoon to keep the harsh summer light from heating the studio.  There is something soothing about dimmed afternoon light. Iced tea – it is light and caffeinated. A good audio book – aren’t beach reads essential to summer?  A good audio book keeps me in the studio longer (truthfully, this is a year-round indulgence). Potted flowers – the seem cheery even in the sweltering afternoon...

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Longer Days

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In eastern NC, spring is filled with yellow, pine pollen and it seems to be overtaken by summer heat very quickly.  So spring isn’t one of my favorite seasons.   But, since I have been ‘potting’, my appreciation of this time of year has grown.  I enjoy the longer days because I can spend more time in the studio before it begins to feel too late.  Since I am outside more often so I notice how the light changes during the day.  And, although, I do minimal gardening (limited to few potted flowers), I get a lot of pleasure watching them bloom.  Pottery has brought so much to my...

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Handmade Holiday

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Handmade gifts can express something more than an average store-bought gift.  A handmade present is one-of-a kind.  And, in our lives of homogeneous chain stores and generic gift cards, this is refreshing. Handmade gifts made by you are even more special.  Perhaps because they represent a sacrifice of time and energy; or, perhaps because they are an intimate expression of how dear the recipient is to you.  Even children recognize this.  I really enjoy helping kids make things – pottery, cookies, ornaments, etc.  And, more often than not, as they are working on their craft, they are planning to give it away to some one special.  It seems that the desire to make something creative is intertwined with the desire to share that creation with a loved one. This year, I have been so blessed as I watched the potters at the art center prepare for Christmas.  The theme of the pottery session was ‘Holiday Ceramics 2011’ – essentially, it was an independent study so everyone could have time to make the gifts on their lists.  Every night, class was a busy workshop.  The potters planned and made pots for the special people in their lives.  It was amazing to see how much care went into the each of the projects.  And to me, those pots epitomize the genuine spirit of gift giving. But, nothing compares to the ultimate gift that the Lord gave when He sent His Son to earth to be a sacrifice for our sins.  Christ’s act of love is the true celebration of Christmas. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed on Him should be...

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