About Me

Me in 45 seconds

The basics:

  • I’m Rae – which is not short for anything but it is Ear spelled backwards
  • I received Christ when I was 8 and define my life through Him
  • I live in eastern NC with my husband, Jeff, the most amazing guy
  • My soul age is 42 which I have been since I was 14
  • Our dog, Braum came to us in 2009. Koko arrived in 2013.
  • I am a potter but I moonlight as a geologist for an environmental consulting firm


  • I began throwing in 2003
  • I set up my home studio in October 2008
  • My first craft show was in November 2009
  • Julie and I started working together by making piggy banks
  • Throwing and trimming are the most enjoyable parts of the ceramic process to me
  • Teapots and mugs are my favorite pots to make
  • I think pots are loveliest in the leather-hard stage
  • I listen to podcasts, sermons, and audiobooks in the studio
  • I teach Intermediate Pottery at the Pitt County Arts Council


  • Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie
  • I have a red sofa
  • CleanX is my rapper name
  • If I get on a baseball team, Take on Me will be my batter-up music
  • I would like to start End Zone Choreography, Inc. – to help football players develop and copyright iconic end zone and sack dances
  • My favorite fortune cookie: “don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can”