Morning Rituals

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Square Footed Mug

I really enjoy coffee, and, morning coffee is a favorite part of my day.  It isn’t even caffeinated!.  Nonetheless, I have an intricate ritual that celebrates morning coffee.  I start by grinding the beans (of course) and while my coffee pot sings promises of good things to come, I get ready.   I dispense hot water from my hot water pot (always ready with near boiling water) into my mug and creamer to warm them.  I pour the water out of the creamer, add some milk, and microwave it.  When the coffee is ready, I pour the hot water out of the mug and fill it with coffee and warmed milk from the creamer.  It is worth the effort to make an exceptional cup of coffee.  And, as a potter, part of the enjoyment comes from the choice of mugs and creamers.   I have several to keep me from running the dishwasher too often.  It is a contemplative and quiet start to my day.


  1. ok but you didn’t say how you make your coffee…

  2. I grind a blend of beans – 25% Dark Sumatra and 75% Italian Roast (decaf). I use a cone coffee pot – 4 Tbls of coffee to 20 oz. of water. The cream changes – some blend of vanilla soy milk/milk/half-half (depends on what is in the fridge) – no sweetener. You are invited to join me for coffee one afternoon that you are free! I would truly enjoy the company. Afternoon coffee should be social – whereas AM coffee tends to be quiet (probably a consequence of Jeffrey’s dislike of coffee).

  3. sisterfriend… as soon as this wedding and the ALS walk are over… DATE! btw the sugar and creamer sets are lovely… really lovely 🙂

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