Return from a Hiatus

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One of my resolutions this year was to post a blog a week; sadly, I have not succeeded in keeping that resolution.  But it’s September! Which is another sort of New Year. Of course, this perspective is the result of years in school.  And, although I am not in school, September still resonates with promises of change and improvement.

There was no hiatus at Firetower Studios.

There was no hiatus at Firetower Studios.

While I truly enjoy blogging, it is quite a bit of work for me.  One of the bigger challenges to blogging (right after carving out time to be quiet and think) is taking pictures; and, I want to include photos with my posts because I can’t write what a good photo can say.  So, in December, I purchased a new camera in order to improve the quality of the pictures.  But the camera is intimidating and much smarter than me.  So instead of learning to use it, I continued to use my point and shoot until the guilt overwhelmed me and I put a moratorium on using the point and shoot.  I thought this would help me buckle down and learn my new camera.  It didn’t…it just kept me from blogging.  You see, I used a hard thing (blogging) to motivate myself to do an even harder thing (learning how to use the new camera).  That was not a good formula for goal achievement.

Well, I still haven’t figured out how to use the camera and I am taking a lot of really bad pictures but I am returning to my blog any way.  It is September and there is still time to work on my resolutions.  Thank you to any one who has continued to check in during my hiatus and I look forward to sharing my musings about pottery and life.

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