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Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources.  Julie and I purchased a glaze sampler set and among the colors was one that I called ‘toxic orange’.  What else could be done but make pumpkins?

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Going Batty (part 2)

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I prefer to use a batt rather than throwing directly on the wheel head.  But batts are a financial and spacial commitment.  So if you are considering purchasing batts, here is an overview of several choices. Tile-Batt System – This is my favorite solution because for nominal cost, I have 35 batts that store easily and consume minimal shelf space.  In addition, the tiles are porous and allow the pot bottoms to dry more evenly. The tiles only accomodate pots with feet less than 6″wide but it is a great solution for any production potter with limited shelf space.  The tiles hold up...

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Going Batty

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In the spirit of the season (the end of the baseball season and the World Series), I thought I would share a few thoughts on batts. Although there are potters who throw directly on the wheel-head, I have always used a batt.  And I have sampled plenty of batts.  So when I set up my studio, I purchased several batts and as I have changed how I throw, I have developed a set of favorites that I tend to use more frequently.  But, even if you work at a community studio, you may want to have a few batts of your own to accomodate your pots.  Here are some features to consider when selecting batts....

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A Day in the Life

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Since I have been making and selling pots, I have met a lot of passionate and interesting artists.  It is on the of the unforeseen benefits of being a potter.  Among those are Speight and Nassim Farmer of A-La-Mode Photography who recently came to take pictures of us in our natural habitat.  They have generously posted the photos on their blog – and I think they look amazing!

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“Throwing pots is fun; throwing pots with friends is great fun.” – Me I love making pots and having a friend to share the fun with is even better.  Julie and I are partners and friends.  And, so are Tori and Braum.  Several afternoons a week, Braum and I head over to Firetower Studio West to work. Julie and I throw pots while Tori and Braum lounge in the sun puddles, wrestle, or hunt cats under the cars – which is just one of the many job descriptions of a sous-potter.     **Special thanks to A-La-Mode Photography for the...

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