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A Make-over for my Kiln

Posted by on Dec 31, 2011 in About Me, Maintenance, Studio | 0 comments

I live in eastern NC where we are often blessed with mild winter days.  Today was such a day.  With the promise of a warm afternoon, I decided to finish giving my kiln a make-over.  A few weeks ago, I put fresh, new elements in my kiln.  Yesterday, Julie started grinding the kiln shelves while I mixed up a recipe for self-leveling kiln wash that I’ve been wanting to try.  Because I was applying a new kiln wash, I needed to remove all of the old kiln wash before I could paint them.  This meant I spent several hours sanding the shelves (I am very thankful that I have a sous-potter who lets me use his power tools!).  So my kiln got the ‘spa’ treatment… exfoliation, buffing, and cleaning.  Now, if only I could get a...

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In a Holi-Daze

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 in About Me, Holiday | 4 comments

Christmas is over – but I am still celebrating.  I am always loathe to abruptly cease the celebration.  Since I struggle with transitions, I tend to drag them out so I can soften the stark contrast of change.  I am still lighting the tree, watching holiday movies that I recorded, and working on the Christmas Eve jig saw puzzle. Although I am back to work at my day job, I have not gotten much done in the studio.  We began a plate project but it is nice to slow the pace down.  After-all, there is still much merry-making to be...

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Winter Solstice

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I love the solstices (I also love the equinoxes).  Each year I try to do something to acknowledge the Winter Solstice.  This year, I am going to look at neighborhood Christmas lights.  I think it is a prefect way to mark the longest...

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Handmade Holiday

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in About Me, Gifts, Holiday, Philosophy, Sous-potter, Teaching | 2 comments

Handmade gifts can express something more than an average store-bought gift.  A handmade present is one-of-a kind.  And, in our lives of homogeneous chain stores and generic gift cards, this is refreshing. Handmade gifts made by you are even more special.  Perhaps because they represent a sacrifice of time and energy; or, perhaps because they are an intimate expression of how dear the recipient is to you.  Even children recognize this.  I really enjoy helping kids make things – pottery, cookies, ornaments, etc.  And, more often than not, as they are working on their craft, they are planning to give it away to some one special.  It seems that the desire to make something creative is intertwined with the desire to share that creation with a loved one. This year, I have been so blessed as I watched the potters at the art center prepare for Christmas.  The theme of the pottery session was ‘Holiday Ceramics 2011’ – essentially, it was an independent study so everyone could have time to make the gifts on their lists.  Every night, class was a busy workshop.  The potters planned and made pots for the special people in their lives.  It was amazing to see how much care went into the each of the projects.  And to me, those pots epitomize the genuine spirit of gift giving. But, nothing compares to the ultimate gift that the Lord gave when He sent His Son to earth to be a sacrifice for our sins.  Christ’s act of love is the true celebration of Christmas. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed on Him should be...

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Christmas List for a Potter

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Books, Gifts, Holiday, Scale, Tools | 1 comment

During gift-giving season, many people are searching for the perfect present.  So, I have been commissioned by the elves to help.  To that, here are some suggestions that would surely make any potter smile on Christmas morning. Stocking Stuffers: Sherrill Mud tools Dolan Trim tools Metal and Wooden Ribs For the VERY Nice Potter: Wheel Kiln Giffin Grip Under-the-Tree Gifts: Throwing Bats Tile Bat System Clay Scale Set of three sieves Sampler sieves For the Literary Potter: 500 Book Series Subscription to Clay Times Subscription to Pottery Maker’s Illustrated For the Experimental Potter: Glaze Sampler Set MKM Wooden Stamps Gifts that can be bought anywhere: Containers with lids – various sizes Apron Drill with mixer paddle Angle grinder Dremmel Tool Sand paper sponges Buckets Sketch books Camera Kitchen tools – large spoons, spatulas, rolling pin Paint brushes – various sizes Sponges – natural, various sizes Gift Certificates: Bailey Pottery Big Ceramics Store Clay King Local Craft Store Local Art Center (supplies/workshops/classes) You can direct the elves in your life to this entry for quick links or you can print out this Wish List for them to take with them when they go...

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