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A Make-over for my Kiln

Posted by on Dec 31, 2011 in About Me, Maintenance, Studio | 0 comments

I live in eastern NC where we are often blessed with mild winter days.  Today was such a day.  With the promise of a warm afternoon, I decided to finish giving my kiln a make-over.  A few weeks ago, I put fresh, new elements in my kiln.  Yesterday, Julie started grinding the kiln shelves while I mixed up a recipe for self-leveling kiln wash that I’ve been wanting to try.  Because I was applying a new kiln wash, I needed to remove all of the old kiln wash before I could paint them.  This meant I spent several hours sanding the shelves (I am very thankful that I have a sous-potter who...

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In a Holi-Daze

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 in About Me, Holiday | 4 comments

Christmas is over – but I am still celebrating.  I am always loathe to abruptly cease the celebration.  Since I struggle with transitions, I tend to drag them out so I can soften the stark contrast of change.  I am still lighting the tree, watching holiday movies that I recorded, and working on the Christmas Eve jig saw puzzle. Although I am back to work at my day job, I have not gotten much done in the studio.  We began a plate project but it is nice to slow the pace down.  After-all, there is still much merry-making to be...

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Winter Solstice

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in About Me, Holiday | 0 comments

I love the solstices (I also love the equinoxes).  Each year I try to do something to acknowledge the Winter Solstice.  This year, I am going to look at neighborhood Christmas lights.  I think it is a prefect way to mark the longest...

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Handmade Holiday

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in About Me, Gifts, Holiday, Philosophy, Sous-potter, Teaching | 2 comments

Handmade gifts can express something more than an average store-bought gift.  A handmade present is one-of-a kind.  And, in our lives of homogeneous chain stores and generic gift cards, this is refreshing. Handmade gifts made by you are even more special.  Perhaps because they represent a sacrifice of time and energy; or, perhaps because they are an intimate expression of how dear the recipient is to you.  Even children recognize this.  I really enjoy helping kids make things – pottery, cookies, ornaments, etc.  And, more often than not, as they are working on their craft, they are planning...

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Christmas List for a Potter

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Books, Gifts, Holiday, Scale, Tools | 1 comment

During gift-giving season, many people are searching for the perfect present.  So, I have been commissioned by the elves to help.  To that, here are some suggestions that would surely make any potter smile on Christmas morning. Stocking Stuffers: Sherrill Mud tools Dolan Trim tools Metal and Wooden Ribs For the VERY Nice Potter: Wheel Kiln Giffin Grip Under-the-Tree Gifts: Throwing Bats Tile Bat System Clay Scale Set of three sieves Sampler sieves For the Literary Potter: 500 Book Series Subscription to Clay Times Subscription to Pottery Maker’s Illustrated For the Experimental Potter: Glaze...

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