Summer Solstice

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It’s the Summer Solstice today – longest day/shortest night.  If it isn’t already obvious from past postings, I really like the solstices and equinoxes.  It is something about their oppositional balance that I find appealing. So, on this first official day of summer, I spent most of it in the studio working on snowman plates.  It was purely coincidental that what we were working on Christmas-themed pots today.   However, we struggled last year to keep up with the requests for Christmas plates because we didn’t start making them until September.  This year, I am...

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Christmas Dishes

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One of the things I had hoped to accomplish this year was to make myself a set of Christmas dishes.  I struggled most of the year to develop ideas.  I came up with two designs.  However, I didn’t make a full set.  My new plan is to develop a new Christmas design each year to add to the...

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Open House and Studio Sale

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Thank you to everyone who attended our annual open house and studio sale.  We feel blessed that you came.  Merry Christmas!

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Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources.  Julie and I purchased a glaze sampler set and among the colors was one that I called ‘toxic orange’.  What else could be done but make pumpkins?

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Good Friday

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Recently, Julie and I had the privilege of making a communion set – one of my favorite requests to fill.  And, although we have made several sets over the past few years, I found myself pondering all the truths that the communion pieces symbolize while working on the set. At Christmas time, we celebrate Christ’s birth; but, Christ didn’t remain a baby in a manger.  He came with the purpose to die as a sacrifice for our sins; and, we remember His death and celebrate His resurrection at Easter. During the Passover week, Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (celebrated as...

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In a Holi-Daze

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Christmas is over – but I am still celebrating.  I am always loathe to abruptly cease the celebration.  Since I struggle with transitions, I tend to drag them out so I can soften the stark contrast of change.  I am still lighting the tree, watching holiday movies that I recorded, and working on the Christmas Eve jig saw puzzle. Although I am back to work at my day job, I have not gotten much done in the studio.  We began a plate project but it is nice to slow the pace down.  After-all, there is still much merry-making to be...

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