Craft Show

Summer Solstice

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It’s the Summer Solstice today – longest day/shortest night.  If it isn’t already obvious from past postings, I really like the solstices and equinoxes.  It is something about their oppositional balance that I find appealing. So, on this first official day of summer, I spent most of it in the studio working on snowman plates.  It was purely coincidental that what we were working on Christmas-themed pots today.   However, we struggled last year to keep up with the requests for Christmas plates because we didn’t start making them until September.  This year, I am...

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First Place!

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This is show season.  Although, we participate in shows throughout the year, the fall is our busy time.  And, this year, we have a full docket. Our most recent show was in Fayetteville at the International Folk Festival where A Bit Off Center won first place for quality of work and display!  It was really an exciting surprise that was accompanied by a certificate and a...

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How to Have a Good Show – Part 2

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Once you have considered the factors that impact a craft show and have selected one to attend, there are several things that can be done to make the  show successful. Have good work.  There is no substitute to having a well executed craft.  If your work isn’t technically accomplished, you may not be ready to sell.   Establish a set of criteria for what is sellable and sell only your best work at shows. Have a clean, professional display.  Your display needs to make sense to passers-by.  You have few seconds of their attention before they move on.  Create a display that showcases your...

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How to Have a Good Show – Part 1

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This is my busy season – between September and mid-December, I have 4 available Saturdays.  I say available but what I mean is I have four Saturdays that are available for studio work.  The rest of the weekends are obligated to visitors, trips, and craft shows.   I have been thinking about craft shows because I was recently asked to evaluate some local shows.  Also, I saw an advertisement for an indoor craft show that claimed weather would not be a factor.  The truth is, weather is always a factor.  Even if the show is hosted indoors, when the weather is bad, people don’t come....

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Inventory Maintenance

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“I would rather be prolific than perferct.” – Abel James Since the Bele Chere show, Julie and I have been throwing together when our schedules allign and independently at other times.    This is our show season so we have pots to make.  This is also the time of year we look at our stores and begin rotating pots and increasing inventory in anticipation of the holidays.  (Holidays!?  It is still the sweltery summer – it has taken a few years but we realize that the holidays come so quickly that they might as well be next week). How does this work?  I look over the sales...

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Back to work

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Bele Chere is over and it is back to work in the studio.  It was a good show but it was different than anticipated.  Although there were lots of artisans, there were also bands and street entertainment (my favorite of which was Tomb Nelson and the Stillwater Hobos).  It felt like a summer street festival.  The weather was summery – complete with a brief afternoon thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.  Out pots were complimented and our booth was lovely with the new banner and tablecloths.  Now we are back to work making pots – which is why we attend craft shows in the first...

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