Going Batty (part 2)

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I prefer to use a batt rather than throwing directly on the wheel head.  But batts are a financial and spacial commitment.  So if you are considering purchasing batts, here is an overview of several choices. Tile-Batt System – This is my favorite solution because for nominal cost, I have 35 batts that store easily and consume minimal shelf space.  In addition, the tiles are porous and allow the pot bottoms to dry more evenly. The tiles only accomodate pots with feet less than 6″wide but it is a great solution for any production potter with limited shelf space.  The tiles hold up...

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Going Batty

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In the spirit of the season (the end of the baseball season and the World Series), I thought I would share a few thoughts on batts. Although there are potters who throw directly on the wheel-head, I have always used a batt.  And I have sampled plenty of batts.  So when I set up my studio, I purchased several batts and as I have changed how I throw, I have developed a set of favorites that I tend to use more frequently.  But, even if you work at a community studio, you may want to have a few batts of your own to accomodate your pots.  Here are some features to consider when selecting batts....

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A Better Grip

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I have a giffin grip and I use it often.  As I love multiples, I find it to be a valuable tool for saving time.  But it seems to me the time I save by using the giffin grip is off-set by the time it takes me to locate three arms of equal length! Am I the only potter who laments that the giffin grip arms aren’t color coded?  I thought about spray painting the arms but I expect the paint would eventually flake off (and I am too cheap to purchase four cans of spray paint for such a small job).  So I opted to use some colored electrical tape that I had already.  I was able to mark the sets...

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A bit off center

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There are two tools that I use regularly and recommend to potters who are setting up a studio: the tile batt and the giffin grip. Tile batts are a great solution for any studio because they are so space efficient.  Also, you don’t have to cut the pot off the batt; you can let it dry and it will pop off (similar to plaster batts).  And, tile batts are very affordable.  I bought the batt and 35 tiles for about $85 (it would cost approximately $350 to purchase the same number of plastic batts).  I bought my tile batt in 2008.  My father put a coat of polyurethane on it which has helped...

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Production Pottery – Tools

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There are two fundamental challenges to making dinnerware.  The first challenge is to make similar pieces look similar (i.e. one salad plate should look like all the other salad plates).  This is accomplished by making pots that are the same size and shape.  Making pots that are the same size will help them look like they belong together; and, it is easier to replicate size (height and width) than it is to replicate shape – the key is to measure.  Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help potters in their quest to make place settings. A good scale is indispensable when making...

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Christmas List for a Potter

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During gift-giving season, many people are searching for the perfect present.  So, I have been commissioned by the elves to help.  To that, here are some suggestions that would surely make any potter smile on Christmas morning. Stocking Stuffers: Sherrill Mud tools Dolan Trim tools Metal and Wooden Ribs For the VERY Nice Potter: Wheel Kiln Giffin Grip Under-the-Tree Gifts: Throwing Bats Tile Bat System Clay Scale Set of three sieves Sampler sieves For the Literary Potter: 500 Book Series Subscription to Clay Times Subscription to Pottery Maker’s Illustrated For the Experimental Potter: Glaze...

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