Compound Pottery

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After the fullness of the holiday season, I enjoy the contemplative quiet of January which is why I have only just fired my first kiln load of the year.  And although I have been working in the studio, it has been at a much slower pace.  Last year, I worked steadily through the year and the end result was that I made over 300 mugs which is a bit overwhelming to think about but is also the magic of compound pottery.  A few pots made regularly result in a large accumulation of pots over time. I have often referred to my number – that is the number of pots I can make at a time, remain interested, and avoid tedium.  For mugs, my number was 5.  (In fact, I made 5 mugs so often, that my number increased to 8.)  So essentially, I made 5 mugs a week last year which is less overwhelming to think about and makes the number of mugs that I plan to make this year seem very do-able. What pots could you compound this...

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Dynamic Duo

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I am a sucker for a cute sugar and creamer set (which might have something to do with my obsession with multiples).  But, there is something challenging and very satisfying about making two distinct pots relate to one another. A potter can has several options that help two pots seem like they belong together.  Color is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into a set and it unifies pots regardless of how diverse.  Other design elements such as surface treatments, embellishments, or shape will also help relate pots to one another.  However, these elements are less easily translated across forms. Potters are faced with the task of creating relational genetics among the ceramic members of the set in many situations (dinnerware/tea services/etc.).  If you are looking for a creative challenge, perhaps you can make a sugar and creamer set.  Send me a photo so I can be inspired by your...

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