Compound Pottery

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After the fullness of the holiday season, I enjoy the contemplative quiet of January which is why I have only just fired my first kiln load of the year.  And although I have been working in the studio, it has been at a much slower pace.  Last year, I worked steadily through the year and the end result was that I made over 300 mugs which is a bit overwhelming to think about but is also the magic of compound pottery.  A few pots made regularly result in a large accumulation of pots over time. I have often referred to my number – that is the number of pots I can make at a time, remain interested, and avoid tedium.  For mugs, my number was 5.  (In fact, I made 5 mugs so often, that my number increased to 8.)  So essentially, I made 5 mugs a week last year which is less overwhelming to think about and makes the number of mugs that I plan to make this year seem very do-able. What pots could you compound this...

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Mug Mania

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I make a lot of pots because I enjoy making pots.  As a consequence, I sell those pots.  A lot of potters don’t sell because they don’t want to feel pressured to make a certain number of a particular pot.  But, I don’t feel that way.  In fact, I was quite excited after Bele Chere because we sold a lot of mugs.  Now I get to make more mugs! Last autumn, I made a lot of mugs which have provided an inventory for our recent shows.  But with the shows we have scheduled, we need to add to the  collection.  So I am in production mode. This means I am making 5 mugs every other day.  Five is my number for mugs.  I can make 5 bodies,  pull 5 handles, trim 5 forms, and attach 5 handles without feeling like it is tedious.  Knowing my number (5 mugs) helps me keep from succumbing to the temptation to over-produce.  Over-production is bad when I am putting handles on mugs because too many mugs results in too little...

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Goals revised

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I enjoy making multiples (as any reader of this blog already knows).  I find it challenging and satisfying.  So when we found out that we would be attending Bele Chere in July, I began making mugs. I love to make mugs and having a set goal really motivates me.  I had intended to make 75 mugs by the end of June; and, I was on target until I got the opportunity to take an unexpected trip.  As soon as I confirmed the trip, I increased the number of mugs I was making at a time (usually I make 5 per session).  I think I finished about 60 mugs; most of them have been bisqued and some have been glazed. Although June isn’t over, I am done with mugs for the month.  I am glad that I got several done and I am really excited about the trip to NYC and Boston.  It is good to have goals but sometimes it is good to revise...

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Mug Musings

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Last week, I went to a local coffeehouse to spend a quiet afternoon where I treated myself to their wonderful curry chicken salad and even indulged in a scoop of homemade ice-cream.  After I finished, I ordered a cup of coffee to linger over as I read.  Apparently, they offer a variety of beans (Columbian, Ethiopian, Sumatra, etc.) which completely thrilled me because it is such a rarity. The coffee was amazing!  But it was served in a paper cup.   I found this to be an unworthy vessel for such exceptional brew.  It was a complete shame because I would have enjoyed the coffee logarithmically more had I been sipping it out of a handmade...

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A Bit More on Mugs

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We have a houseguest for a few months.  My dad moved in until his new place is ready.   He didn’t bring much: clothes, computer, books, etc.  Everything else is in storage; but he also brought two mugs from his house – interesting what things we keep with us for comfort.  Mugs seem like an odd choice to bring to my house since there are several mugs in my cabinet that I made.  The ones he brought are mugs that I gave him several years ago.  These are mugs that make me cringe; nevertheless, I like knowing that the things I made have become apart of his daily life and that he has connected with them so that they bring him a distinctive...

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Mug Collection

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My new mug has me thinking.  Mugs are one of my favorite pots to make, use, and give.  I have several mugs in my cabinets – although they are mostly older mugs or seconds (which I mean to up-grade).  When we moved into our home, Jeff surprised me and made a ‘mug shelf’ in the cabinet – that is still one of the best gifts I’ve received.  The mug collection is ever-changing because it is a temporary home for many mugs until some one admires them and they go home with my guest.  But, I thought I would share a couple of my current favorites. I made it in 2010; beautiful glaze; rim crack and wobbles Current Favorite – I made it in 2011; nice handle;...

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