Keeping Pots Moist

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I worked at a community art center for several years and I know how frustrating it can be to have a pot become too dry to finish.  It is such a waste of effort.  I encourage anyone whose studio is remote to transport pots in order to monitor drying time.  You will never make the best pot you can if you always have to accomodate for a dry pot. Drying time is difficult to quantify.  There are so many variables that will affect how quickly a pot will dry: weather, humidity, A/C, drafts, pot shape, type of clay, etc. I contend it is better to have a pot be too wet to work on than too dry to...

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Let the Shows Begin!

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I love making pots but a consequence of prolific work is what to do with it – which is why we began attending craft shows in 2008.  We have been busy in the ‘off-season’ making pots, trying new ideas, and applying for shows.  A Bit Off Center is pleased to announce that we will be attending the following shows in the upcoming...

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Mumfest 2011

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Highlights from Mumfest: Beautiful weather Lots of attendees New booth layout Free mug huggies Carnie food Friendly neighboring vendors

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Know Thy Glazes

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The focus of 2010 was to work out some glaze combinations that would enhance the functional pottery that we love to make.  In order to accomplish that, we made hundreds of small bowls.  (I had been making test tiles but after I had accumulated 2 buckets of unusable tiles, I reconsidered and began testing glazes on small bowls and plates – I am too pragmatic for that sort of waste.) I used singular glazes and glazes in combinations.  I alternated layering glazes under and over one another.  At first, I tried to keep track of the glazes by writing down the glazes with a description of the...

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Potter’s Book Club: Throwing Pots by Phil Rogers

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“Throwing has a language all of its own; a pot can be read like a book and the story that it tells should be about the materials from which it is made and the character of the potter that made it.”   – Phil Rogers I love pottery books – they offer instruction, inspiration, and information.  I often consult them for shape ideas, glazing options, alternative throwing techniques, and vocabulary for class demonstrations.  I found a copy of Throwing Pots in a used bookstore; and, I have since read it several times.  It would certainly be a great read for a potter’s book club....

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Potter’s Tool Kit – Scale

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I am often asked about what tools I recommend.  And, I have been intending to write several entries highlighting the tools that I find most helpful.  Tools are very personal and every potter’s kit is different.  There are no perfect tools; and, acquiring tools will not make better pots – but practicing with the tools will. Yesterday, my new scale came in the mail.  So I am completely inspired to share this wonderful and essential tool. The best way to improve throwing skills is to practice – and practicing with the same amount of clay will help increase efficiency.  By...

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