Firetower Studios

Firetower Studio West

JuliestudioJulie works out of her garage.  It is spacious and accommodating for throwing, glazing, and storing pottery.  Julie throws and works during the day; but Rae joins her for joint throwing sessions on Fridays and Saturdays.  We glaze all our pots together and most of the glaze loads are fired at Firetower Studio West because we store all our mid-range glazes here.





Firetower Sous-potters











Firetower Studio East

Rae’s studio is located in her backyard.   It was custom built by her father and husband.  It is a wonderful, quiet place to work with Braum and Koko, her sous-potters.  After work, Rae throws and finishes pots in evenings.  Some bisque and all of the crystalline is fired in Rae’s kiln.

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