Handmade Holiday

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Handmade gifts can express something more than an average store-bought gift.  A handmade present is one-of-a kind.  And, in our lives of homogeneous chain stores and generic gift cards, this is refreshing. Handmade gifts made by you are even more special.  Perhaps because they represent a sacrifice of time and energy; or, perhaps because they are an intimate expression of how dear the recipient is to you.  Even children recognize this.  I really enjoy helping kids make things – pottery, cookies, ornaments, etc.  And, more often than not, as they are working on their craft, they are planning...

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Lists and Plans

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It is Sunday evening and I am contemplating what I want/need to accomplish this week.  I am a consummate list maker so when a Sunday night falls on the eve of a new month, I can’t resist the compulsion to make another list. Lists help me clear my mind and to keep focus.  I have a list on my refrigerator labeled “Clean Something Obscure Month”.  The thing is, when I clean my house, there are always tasks that I don’t get to before I run out of time, energy, or motivation.  Things like: dust the blinds, clear out the TV cabinet, wash the ceiling fans, wipe down the tops of cabinets, etc....

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Resolutions Reviewed

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As a true Resolutionist, I couldn’t let the end of June pass without a status review of my 2011 resolutions (it is a neurotic burden).  June is the half-way mark after all.   So here it is: Better Pots – The general focus for 2011 is practice and refinement.  The shows that we have planned are providing plenty of opportunity for me to be purposeful and mindful when I make pots.  I feel like I have so many pots to make, so I make the same pot multiple times with the same surface treatment.  It gives me lots of opportunity to refine and tweak things.  I am having a lot of fun because I have a...

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Having a Partner

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Julie and I met at a community art center while taking pottery classes; and, in 2008, we started working together.  Working with a partner has been great because I have made more pottery, tried more glazes, attended a lot of workshops, and started selling in stores and shows.  By partnering with Julie, I have gone further in ceramics in a shorter time because she pushes me more than I would push myself – if left to my own devices I would lie on the couch for a large portion of my life. Julie is kind, direct, honest, hard working, high energy, driven, and generous.  She is also brave – she...

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Scratching the Surface

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Pocosin Arts hosts an annual artist workshop in February which I attended this weekend.  It is a great event – close to home, in a beautiful venue, with excellent instruction. This year the pottery instructor was Ronan Peterson who taught ‘Scratching the Surface’.  His work has distinctive and complex surfaces that result from a convoluted process of slipping, waxing, and glazing. I had a great time in his class – he had limitless enthusiasm and patience as he fielded questions, gave examples, and moved us through his agenda.  The workshop was a survey of surface treatments and...

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How to take a pottery workshop

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For several years I took pottery classes at local pottery studios.  However, when no classes were available, I looked elsewhere for instruction.  As a result, I  began to attend pottery workshops. Workshops provide a great opportunity to see different techniques, try new tools, and meet other potters.  And, as I participated in more of them, I began to learn how to get the most out of them. Here are my recommendations on how to take a pottery workshop: Be open – it isn’t right, it isn’t wrong, it’s just different Be humble – you can’t learn what you already know Don’t monopolize the...

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