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Dynamic Duo

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I am a sucker for a cute sugar and creamer set (which might have something to do with my obsession with multiples).  But, there is something challenging and very satisfying about making two distinct pots relate to one another. A potter can has several options that help two pots seem like they belong together.  Color is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into a set and it unifies pots regardless of how diverse.  Other design elements such as surface treatments, embellishments, or shape will also help relate pots to one another.  However, these elements are less easily translated...

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New Platter

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We were commissioned to complete a platter to coordinate with a leaf teapot that a customer had bought at a show last summer.  We were happy to comply and the end result was lovely.

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New Year’s Goals for Creatives

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One of the benefits of working in clay is that I get to meet lots of creative people – and not just potters.  I have met musicians  painters, book binders, knitters, weavers, jewelry makers and many other craftspersons.  The world is filled with interesting people who are actively pursuing a passion.  So regardless of what your medium of choice is, perhaps you are like me and desire to increase your creativity.   But if I am to make distinctive and soulful pots, then I need to pursue it because I know it won’t ‘just happen on its own’.  So here are some things I...

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New Year’s Goals for a Potter

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I know I benefit from setting goals.  So to that end, I thought I would post a few suggestions for New Year’s Goals. Throw larger – I often hear potters discuss making larger pots.  Try to double (or triple) the average size pot your throw well.  For example, if you throw a 3lb bowl, try to throw a 6lb bowl by the end of the year. Select a glaze palette – Choose a few glazes and learn how they behave and how you can use them to showcase their best attributes. Upgrade your tool kit – If you use community tools or if your tools are worn, try to upgrade a few of your...

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A New Beginning

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The New Year has begun.  And although I am optimistic about all 2013 has to offer, 2013 feels different…larger.   Perhaps that is because while I am welcoming the new year, I am also welcoming a new decade of my life and as I am contemplating goals for 2013, I  am also thinking about where I want to go in this new stage of life. Working in clay has enhanced my life and pushed me beyond who I thought I could be.  But now I am asking myself why I am making pots.  I think that is a question all potters ask themselves.  In fact, it is one I ask all my beginning students.  Answers vary, but...

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